I’m not the most organised person in the world, my desk is a mess, my bag accumulates shit, my wallet is about to burst, I take notes on pieces of paper and on 2 or 3 different apps on my iPhone. So from time to time I have to set aside some time just to organize everything and keep me from going mad, once every two weeks, I do a clean up of all the unnecessary papers and objects from my workdesk, I clean up my bag and my wallet and I force myself to use a set of tools to organize my work so the most important things don’t go by undone.
Naturally my thoughts don’t tend to be as organised as I wanted them to be. And a couple of weeks ago I read this article on Medium titled “Don’t write to teach, write to learn” by Roberto Estreitinho.
I was very touched by his message and felt that this is what I should do if I want to think more clearly and communicate better my thoughts. And I know it will help me with my business and my life in the long run. So thank you Roberto for that beautiful article, it inspired me to take action on something that I kept postponing.